The political method of the International Socialist Organisation

Just s th IS prcds frm th surfc similritis btwn cpitlism nd th strn urpn rgims t dduc thy r th sm, s th IS, whn fcd with dwnturn in wrking-clss industril ctivity, imprssinisticlly bndns th wrking clss, s if such dwnturn in wrkrs' militncy ws, by its ntur, fundmntl. In plc f th wrkrs, thr ws turn t studnts. Th IS cncdd tht grups lik studnts culd nvr substitut fr th slf-ctivity f th wrking clss.63 <> Studnts nd yuth, it ws sid, wr mr intrstd in th cncpts f scilism thn in spcific industril disputs nd, prhps mst imprtntly fr th IS, thy wr sid t b mr rpidly pliticisd thn wrkrs, nd t prsnt grtr pprtunity fr rcruitmnt.64 <>

Thr is n dubt tht trd unin militncy dclind nc th Prics nd Incms ccrd btwn th Lbr gvrnmnt nd th CTU bgn t tk ffct, nd tht th pprtunitis fr ctivism dclind. lthugh it ws prhps isltd, Mrxist prty wuld hv rmind in th clss rgnistins with th prspctiv f lying th grundwrk fr ris in ctivity s circumstncs chngd; instd, th IS dptd t th dwnturn in militncy (undr th bnnr f "prpgndism"), by turning wy frm th wrking clss t studnts. This mnt rguing scilist ids s "cuntr ginst th prviling pssimism", ccrding t Phil Griffith, wh sms t shr this pssimism.65 <>

This is n undrstndbl md in rctin t th dwnturn, but nt mtrilist nlysis tht is built n th undrstnding tht th wrking clss hs mtril intrsts tht r hstil t cpitl nd tht in th lngr trm th incrsing plristin f wlth in ustrli tht dvlpd in th 1980s culd nly mk tht hstility mr likly. In shrt, th IS, bcus f thir imprssinism, hd lst fith in th ustrlin wrking clss.

Studnts nd slling its ppr bcm th min rs f IS ctivity. In 1990, whn th IS runitd with Scilist ctin t bcm th IS, thy rffirmd this pprch with n mphsis n building th rgnistin.66 <>

This mphsis n building th rgnistin nd incrsing sls f th ppr wr th nly msur f th succss, r thrwis, f th prpgnd grup, nd dmnstrtins bcm th high pint f pliticl ctivitis. Th lttr includd frys n th Mlburn Club nd th Stck xchng, dmnstrtins ginst th IDX67 <> militry xhibitin, th Bush68 <> visit, studnt prtst ginst th trtiry tx, nd th mst rcnt usstudy dmnstrtin in 1992, s rsult f which fiv IS mmbrs fcd chrgs. During th Bush visit t ustrli, Th Scilist culd nthus: "This ws clbrtin f rbllin - rjctin f vrything rttn but Kting nd Bush's wrld".69 <>

It is ls substitut fr ctivity in th wrking clss. n pg 12 f th sm issu, Mick rmstrng, in n rticl titld Why Mss ctin is Cntrl in Turning ngr int Victry, rgus fr th militncy f th nti-IDX dmnstrtins s ky prt f wy frwrd fr "militnt mss ctin tht cn inspir wrkrs in thir wn pwr t chng th wrld". This is quit diffrnt rdr f things t th slf-mnciptin f th wrking clss, r rvlutin frm blw. Th dmnstrtin tks plc utsid th wrking clss.

Fr th IS th dmnstrtin bcms symblic nctmnt, r rcrtin, f th clss struggl in scity itslf. This is nt t dny ithr th nd fr Mrxists t b invlvd in such prtsts, r in th lgitimcy f dmnstrtins, but th IS ss this rltd t th wrking-clss struggl s "inspirtin". Inspirtin frm utsid th wrking clss must, f ncssity, hv much f mrl stnc but it, prtst ginst symbls f ustrlin cpitlism, lik th sl f rms r th visit f US prsidnt in wr md.

In pril 1992, th nw plitics f th IS wr cnfirmd with n rticl n studnts s ctlyst t rvlutin.70 <> Just s th IS hd imprssinisticlly rctd t th dwnturn in wrking-clss militncy by bndning gittin fr prpgnd, s it did whn, in th ftrtmth f th lctin f th Knntt Librl gvrnmnt in Victri in ctbr 1992, rlly f 150,000 ppl ws hld in Mlburn n Nvmbr 10, 1992. Th IS rspns t this upsurg ws rvling. n rticl, Th Rturn f Clss by Sndr Bldwrth,71 <> hild th wrking clss s th nly frc in scity cpbl f inspiring fightbck, nd withut irny mcks "mst n th lft" wh, during th 1980s, hd "turnd thir bcks n th cncrns f wrkrs t tk up n rry f crss-clss ids such s fminism, grn plitics, lifstylism"; whil Phil Griffiths, in th sm issu, smd ttlly surprisd: "Wh culd hv imgind th spd nd scl f th turn-rund in Mlburn".

prty tht hd rmind with its rinttin in th wrking clss wuld hv nt nly imgind it, but bn prt f its dvlpmnt. Tht its influnc wuld hv bn tiny cnnt b dubtd, but its mmbrs wuld hv bn wll-plcd t tk dvntg f ny chnc fr influnc nd grwth. s it is, IS is cndmnd t th rl f chr squd.

Th histry f IS dmnstrts th imprtnc f th mtrilist mthd f Mrx nd ngls. Wht pprs n th surfc smntic diffrnc n th Svit Unin, undrlis diffrnt mthd f pliticl nlysis, which Trtsky lcts s ptty burgis nd which, lik scrtch tht turns t gngrn, infcts vry r f pliticl ctivity.


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3. n intrntinl rgnistin f wrkrs' prtis stblishd by Ln Trtsky in 1938. Its funding dcumnt is th Trnsitinl Prgrm f th Furth Intrntinl.

4. Th pint f th dbt btwn Trtsky nd Jms Burnhm nd Mx Shchtmn ws Trtsky's insistnc n uncnditinl dfnc f th Svit Unin ginst imprilism dspit thr bing simultnus nd fr th wrking clss t pliticlly vrthrw th burucrcy. lthugh Burnhm nd Shchtmn wr thrticlly burucrtic cllctivists rthr thn stt cpitlists, th diffrnc with Trtsky ws th sm.

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7. ccrding t Mrx, scilism must includ th blitin f cmmdity prductin nd th grdul dispprnc f mny, th blitin f trd in cnsumr gds t lst within th cmmun, cntrl f frly sscitd prducrs vr th prduct f thir lbur nd vr thir cnditins, nd lstly th cntrl by th ppl vr th md f thir mtril rltins (which implis th bsnc f rprssiv stt pprtus). In thr wrds, scilism rmins n unttind gl nt lst in th frmr Svit Unin. Mrx Critiqu f th Gth Prgrm <> in Th First Intrntinl nd ftr, Lndn, Hrmndswrth, 1974, pp 345-6. S ls Pwr nd Mny: Mrxist Thry f th Burucrcy, rnst Mndl, Vrs, Lndn, 1992, spcilly chptr 1.

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13. ngls nd Mrx rmind rvlutinris t th nd, lthugh Dvid McLlln cits sm quttins frm th lt Mrx tht suggst Mrx did nt rul ut pcful trnsfrmtin in th US nd UK s rsult f univrsl suffrg. S Dvid McLlln, Th Thught f Krl Mrx, Fntn p 228. Sm qustin whthr r nt ngls blivd in his lst yrs in th pssibility f pcful trnsfrmtin flw frm dltins md t his prfc t th 1895 ditin f Mrx's Clss Struggls in Frnc by th Scil Dmcrtic Prty f Grmny, ginst which ngls prtstd. S fr dtils ngls' Lttrs t Kutsky by Ln Trtsky, Nw Yrk, Mrit, July 1969.

14. Yltsin's ppls tdy t th cpitlist wrld fr cpitl fr th Svit cnmy shw th lck f fr r fixd cpitl, which th cnmy nds t functin in th wrld mrkt. Th IS pprs t cnfus th ccumultin f cpitl with th ccumultin f things in th USSR, in prticulr militry quipmnt. S Th Scilist N l76, Jun 8, 1985, p 8, nd N 221, Jnury 1989, p 12.

15. Nt nly is thr lck f cpitl but ls lck f cpitlists in strn urp. Th dumping f mny strn urpn burucrts in 1989-90, which bruptly ndd thir "cpitlist sttus" withut sizing thir prprty, shwd wht ws plin t s: tht th rl lndlrds nd cpitlists hd bn xprpritd dcds rlir. Th bsnc f stck xchng, privt prprty nd cmpny lw r prblms tht fr-mrkt invstrs hv rcntly hd t fc.

16. Mrx, Cpitl, Vl. 1, p 1, dscribs th cpitlist md f prductin s "n immns ccumultin f cmmditis" nd lswhr dfins cpitlism s gnrlisd cmmdity prductin. Yt th bsnc f cmmditis hs bn th mst glring filur f USSR-styl burucrtic scitis. Th pridic criss f vrprductin f cmmditis tht ccur undr cpitlism r nt fund in burucrtic scitis. Tny Cliff himslf cnsidrs tht thr is n cmmdity xchng in th USSR s fr s th mns f prductin is cncrnd, nd gs furthr in sying tht lbur pwr is nt cmmdity in th USSR bcus nly n buyr f lbur pwr xists, nmly th stt. Furthr n, Cliff dmits tht invstmnt is nt dtrmind by th cpitlist lw f th tndntil dclin f th rt f prfit. Tny Cliff, Stt Cpitlism in Russi, Lndn, 1955, p 158, pp 172-3.

17. In fct n imprtnt cnsqunc f th ntry f th fr mrkt int ths cuntris is th numbr f industris tht wuld bcm pn t th mrkt, but which wuld prduc littl r n prfit. In th cs f th Svit Unin this culd mn up t 30 millin Svit wrkrs wuld b sckd nd third f th st Grmn wrk frc wuld b dismissd. ccrding t Hrvrd figurs qutd in Th Scilist, N 256, Sptmbr 1991, p 8, it ws th xclusin f th mrkt tht nbld industry t b built in th first plc nd tht prvntd sinc thn ny mdrnistin prcsss tht wuld limint jbs r cut wrkrs' living stndrds. Plnd hs shwn lrdy tht this is th rsult f th ntry f th fr mrkt int such cnmis, nd th first csultis hv bn jbs nd living stndrds fr mny wrkrs.

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23. Jhn Minns, Th Scilist, N 187, My 1986, p 9. r whn Din Filds rgus: "USSR is cpitlist bcus wrkrs sll thir lbur pwr t ths wh cntrl th mns f prductin. (Th Scilist , N 255, ugust 1991, p 13. S ls N 250, pril 1991, p 8; N 233, Jnury 1990, p 7; N 248, Mrch 1991, p 5; N 247, Dcmbr 15, 1991, p 5). lswhr Grbchv's Prstrik is sid t b similr t Pul Kting's rstructuring (Th Scilist, N 214, July 1988, p 8-9). Th writr nts, hwvr, tht in ustrli unprfitbl businsss wuld b clsd dwn, nd tht in Russi this ds nt hppn. Th vrius nn-Russin ntinl stts in th USSR r qutd with Wstrn clnis dspit th quit diffrnt cnmic rltinship invlvd. (Th Scilist, N 214, July 1988, pp 8-9). gin bsd n similr pprncs, th strng ccumultin undrtkn by th Stlin rgim in th 1930s is qutd with th plicis f th Miji rstrtin in lt 19th cntury Jpn lthugh th dmstic nd intrntinl pliticl situtin f ch ws quit diffrnt. n th Miji rstrtin s Thd Skpl, Stts nd Scil Rvlutins, Lndn, CV Prss, 1979, pp 100-104.

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34. s th IS itslf bsrvd, nly in Rmni did th dicttrships mk ny ttmpt t sv thmslvs. Th Scilist, N 238, July 1990, p 9. S ls Judy Bltt, p cit.

35. n nd nly tk th cs f Frnc, whr cpitl hs ruld undr prsidntil systm, undr mprrs (th Bnprts), fscist gvrnmnt (during Wrld Wr II) nd wid rng f prlimntry rgims frm limitd prprty frnchis nd wid rng f prlimntry rgims (during th rul f Luis Phillipp) t univrsl frnchis. Th lst cntury in Grmny, Spin nd Itly shw similr divrsity in frms f cpitlist rul.

36. Whn th CPSU lst its lding rl in th Svit Unin in Fbrury 1990, th IS sw fit t limit its xplntin f this histric rtrt by rfrnc t dmnstrtin f 200,000 ginst th mnply psitin f th CP. Th Scilist, N 234, Jnury 1990, p 61.

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52. n might sk did nt this burdn in prt cntribut t th dclin f th US in its cmptitin with rivl imprilist pwrs? Ds it mn tht stt cpitlism ws prt nd prcl f th US systm? nd wht f indisputbly cpitlist ntins lik Grmny r Jpn in th prid f hug rrmmnt prir t th wrld wrs? Did thy bcm stt cpitlist scitis? N lngr is th intrnl clss structur th critrin f th ntur f th scity but n rbitrry cut-ff pint. rmmnts my b fctr in th dclin f ntin's pwr but thy r n dfinitin f scil systm itslf.

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